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Finally, the 2004 Bowls Season is upon us and a great day was had as old friends came together and new friends were made.  Players had to dodge the rain drops for a while before lunch, but after we were all treated to some nice weather and some great greens.  The field was one of the strongest you will find this year which boasted Provincial Champions, Canadian Champions and included 16 former or current National Team Players. 
First Place - Brian McCartney, Ron Wood, Gord Terwilliger, Alan Steffan - Oshawa LBC
Second Place - Ian Jones, Dave Houtby, Hugh Branston, Herb Nesbitt - Merritton LBC
Third Place - Peter Mutter, Brian Fowler, Dean Bergsma, Bob North - London Fairmont LBC
Forth Place - Gary Whyte, Malcom Whyte, Greg Wilson, George Wilson - Burlington LBC
Fifth Pace - Ryan Bester, Mike Bester, Chris Bester, Bob Bester - Hanover LBC


After several struggles battling the weather, the NFLBC was able to host the 2003 edition of the Bell Mobility Mother's Day Open Fours.  A very patient field had a great time and the tournament was a great success.  We would like to thank our new sponsor!
First Place - Chris Stadnyk, Wayne Wright, Rita Wright, Ryan Stadnyk - Niagara Falls
Second Place - Dave Anderson, John Devonshire, Gus McKenzie, Sandy McKenzie - Etobicoke
Third Place - Ryan Bester, Mike Bester, Chris Bester, Bob Bester - Hanover
Fourth Place - Charlie Roach, Lenore Roach, Dave Murdoch, George Wilson - Burlington

The winter was long and cold but the spring finally came.  The Boston Pizza Opening Day Fours Tournament was a great success.  The day saw 16 very competitive teams from all parts of the Province.  It was hard to tell which was bigger - the tournament or the Kentucky Derby!
First Place - Jim Butler, Gord Terwilliger, Alan Steffan, Brian McCartney - Oshawa
Second Place - Murray Wright, Jim Lepere, John Bush, Joe Green - Niagara Falls
Third Place - Fred Walbank, John Devonshire, David Anderson, Steve McKerihan - Etobicoke
Fourth Place - George Ivaniski, Tom Pettigrew, Dave Bell, Dave Pettigrew - Dunnville
High Last Game - Ian Jones, Herb Nesbitt, Mark Sandford, Dave Houbty - Merritton


The Final event of the season was played on a beautiful Autumm Day.  Cool and Sunny, the Dr. Banting Turkey Shoot Open Pairs was enjoyed by all.  Players enjoyed a full Turkey dinner between the 2nd and 3rd games and Dr. Banting supplied all the Turkeys that were given away as prizes.  The day was great and the Players and Club wish to thank Dr. Banting for his contributions!!
First Place - Andrea Weigand and Chone Chatterton - Niagara Falls & Merritton LBC
Second Place - Ged Atkinson and Dot Atkinson - Niagara Falls LBC
Third Place - Joe Hennessy and Bill Ritchie - Niagara Falls LBC
Fourth Place - Rex Pickles and Joan Ritchie - Niagara Falls LBC
Many other teams were award Turkey Prizes along with the above main prize winners!

The annual Dobbies Florists Mixed Pairs was held in Niagara Falls recently.  This yearly event was filled again and a great day was had by all.  All the winning Ladies received a great arrangement of flowers from Dobbies Florists. 
First Place - John Bush and Sherry Bush - Niagara Falls LBC
Second Place - Ged Atkinson and Dot Atkinson - Niagara Falls LBC
Third Place - Herb Nesbitt and Arja Nesbitt - Merritton LBC
Fourth Place - Bob Saunders and Marg Kells - Burlington LBC

This year the NFLBC brought on a new sponsor.  Pickelz Pub and Deli came aboard to sponsor the Open Triples event.  The day was played under beautiful sunny skies.  The field for the new event boasted many Provincial and Canadian Champions along with several National Team Members.
First Place - Bob Bester, Mike Bester, Ryan Bester - Hanover LBC
Second Place - Maurie Wolpert, Mo Ali, Dave Ball - Burlington LBC
Third Place - Bill Ritchie, Carl Bonar, Brian Methvan - Niagara Falls LBC
Fourth Place - Wendy Stevens, Chone Chatterton, Gary Kosinsky - Niagara Falls LBC
Fifth Place - Chuck Pirko, Guy Thomas, Joe Hennessy

The 2002 edition of the Tustin Memorial Open Triples was a great success.  Under sunny skies all the teams had a great day and shared some great times.
First Place - Bill Falconer, Ryan Stadnyk, Gary Kosinsky - Niagara Falls LBC
Second Place - Dave Ball, Wendy Stevens, John Devonshire - Burlington LBC
Third Place - Joan Ritchie, Joe Hennessy, Betty Hennessy - Niagara Falls
Fourth Place - Shane Page, Butch Howard, Don Beaupit - Niagara Falls

The 2002 Gagster's Mixed Pairs was held this past Father's Day.  This years event was played under some fearsome skies, and chilly winds.  The club managed to get 2 full games in before the rains finally settled in for the night.  Despite the poor June weather a great time was had by all.
First Place - Mark Sandford, Ann Baribault - N.F/Milton
Second Place - Maurice Riley, Dianne Harry - Merritton
Third Place - Andrea Weigand, Chris Stadnyk - Niagara Falls
Fourth Place - Chuck Pirko, Katie Pirko - Niagara Falls

This years Mother's Day Open Fours was unfortunatly rained out before the teams even stepped foot on the greens.  This was the clubs first wash out in a long while.

The 2002 Edition of the Blossom Festival Men's Fours was held on May 4th and the tournament was a great success.  The event was filled at 16 entries and they came from all acrost Ontario to enjoy this sunny day in Niagara Falls.  The field boasted many National and Provincial Champions and 6 current National Team Members.
First Place: Bob Bester, Chris Bester, Mike Bester, Ryan Bester (skip) - Hanover LBC
Second Place: Bob Strong, Tom Pettigrew, Dave Bell, David Pettigrew (skip) - Dunnville LBC
Third Place: Bob North, John Devonshire, David Anderson, Brian McCartney (skip) - Etobicoke, Oshawa LBC
Forth Place: Carl Bonar, Bill Ritchie, Brian Methvan, Joe Hennessy (skip) - Niagara Falls LBC


The 2001 Season has come and gone. The club enjoyed some great tournaments and some great play. We were fortunate to be rained out only one time this year. The last tournament of the season was the Dobbies Mixed Pairs. Dobbies Florists donated several flower arrangements as prizes to the top winners. The club also honoured Dot Atkinson and Rita Stewart for their hard work during every tournament this year.

First Place: Dave Anderson and Laura Seed, Milton LBC.
Second Place: Ged and Dot Atkinson, Niagara Falls LBC.
Third Place: Andrea Weigand and Chris Stadnyk, Niagara Falls LBC.
Fourth Place: Donna Stadnyk and Don Beaupit, Niagara Falls LBC.

On a weekend which started with a candlelight vigil for the victims of the attacks in the US, the Beatrice Fall Classic was once again a great success.

1st Place: John Bush, Ian McPherson, Murray Wright, Donna Wright - Niagara Falls
2nd Place: Gary Kosinsky, Bill Falconer, Ron Banting, Don Beaupit - Niagara Falls
3rd Place: John Devonshire, Wendy Stevens, Dave Anderson, Laura Seed - Milton
4th Place: Dave Houtby, Matt Houtby, Denise Seaberg, Brian Luther - Merritton

This years edition of the Molson Classic treated on lookers to a wonderful display of bowls. Played under sunny skies and on wonderful greens a great time was had by all.

1st Place - Hugh Branston, Maurie Wolpert, Mo Ali - Burlington
2nd Place - Weston Nesbit, Herb Nesbitt, Herb Nesbitt Sr - Merritton
3rd Place - Bill Falconer, Jim Howard, Don Beaupit - Niagara Falls
4th Place - Ryan Stadnyk, Wendy Stevens, Pam O'Neil - Niagara Falls

The Vanwell Publishing Co. sponsored open pairs tournament held at the Niagara Falls lawn bowling club came to a successful conclusion with prizes, supplied by the sponsor, handed out to each contestant.

First Place - Ryan Stadnyk and Sandy Barmstone - Niagara Falls
Second Place - Hugh Branston and Chone Chatterton - Merritton
Third Place - Jim Stewart and Bill Falconer - Niagara Falls
Fourth Place - John Bush and Sherry Bush - Niagara Falls
Fifth Place - Terry Sloane and Jean Harper - Beamsville

The annual Dr. Wm Potter Trophy was once again up for grabs at the Niagara Falls LBC. This years field saw some new teams to the tournament scene. Played under sunny skies, the day was a great success.

1st Place - Weston Nesbitt, Herb Nesbitt, Herb Nesbitt Sr. - Merritton
2nd Place - Don Stephan, John Haggo, Jim Mann - Lakeshore
3rd Place - George Lalicich, Howie Triano, Ged Atkinson - Niagara Falls
4th Place - Jim Howard, Jim Stewart, Don Beaupit - Niagara Falls

The Gagster's Mixed Pairs tournament was held this past Sunday. A sunny and hot Father's Day saw 14 teams enter in the field. Although conflicting with the Ontario Fours Championships, it was a great tournament for all.

1st Place - Bill Falconer, Sherry Ridduck, Niagara Falls
2nd Place - Bob and Pam O'Neil, Niagara Falls
3rd Place - Paul and Christine Bramwell, Orangeville
4th Place - Brent and Margret Beacroft, Mount Hamilton

The Electronic Supermarket Open Fours was held on Sunday May 13th. Again under the sunny skies, a great day was had by everyone. The tournament boasted teams from South Hampton, London, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Milton, Exeter and Merritton.

1st Place : Gary Kosinsky, Bill Falconer, George Lalicich - Niagara Falls *
2nd Place : Chris Stadnyk, Mark Sandford, Terry Sloane, James McLellan - Milton LBC
3rd Place : Wayne Wright, Dean Bergsma, Cathy Symington, Rita Hurley - Chesley/London
4th Place : Andrea Weigand, Joanne Bugler, Peter McFalls, Gloria McFalls - Exeter LBC

The Dominion Securities Men's Fours event was held Saturday May 5th. The 16 team field featured some of the top men's rinks teams in the Province. It was played under sunny skies and a great time was had by all.

1st Place : Dave Ball, Phil Baker, Mo Ali, Morris Wolpert - Burlington LBC
2nd Place : Dave Houtby, Herb Nesbitt, Weston Nesbitt, Hugh Branston - Merritton LBC
3rd Place : Chris Stadnyk, Mark Sandford, Ken Armstrong, Ryan Stadnyk - Milton LBC
4th Place : Wayne Wright, Dean Bergsma, Chuck Townsend, Norm Welsh - London Fairmont/Chesley LBC
5th Place : Ged Atkinson, Brian Methvan, Bill Ritchie, Carl Bonar - Niagara Falls LBC